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YEAR 999
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  • Ghanti Bajao: Meet doctor Ravindra Kolhe who charges only Rs 2 for consultation
  • BJP minister Ram Shinde urinates at road-side; video goes viral on social media
  • CCTV captures how car was stolen in Delhi's Azadpur; accused still at large
  • Ram Rahim's jail inmate REVEALS how he has been getting VIP treatment
  • Hardik Patel's sex CD controversy takes new turn after 'BJP connection' spotted
  • Iraq-Iran earthquake: Watch fan swing vigorously during the tremors
  • Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017: After 'Gabbar Singh Tax', 'Thakur' enters the scene
  • UP: 1 dies, 4 injured as bus falls into river due to thick fog in Banda
  • Smog in Delhi: Water being sprinkled to reduce the effect
  • India & Pakistan affected by deadly smog, NASA puts up the pictures
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