My Sexy Frat Girl (2015)

LANG English
TIME 2015


'My Sexy Frat Girl' is compilation of the certain sexy model, who should be known as the 'frat girl' as she has been the most cooperative chick ever. This is a compilation of all her photo and music video shoots in her favorite pink glittering bikini. She will not talk much but will look sizzling. Her dream was to be an actress in Hollywood and it actually came true as she is featured in countless musicals and music videos that were premiered in Canada . She can be obviously spotted in all of Omer Pasha Music Videos. She is a total beach girl, all natural and prefers no make up. Well she has to be forced to put on some lipstick. She is indeed famous in Arizona for being filmed in her pink bra, that's like her trademark. She is more of a model and 'friend.'



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