Cold Nights Hot Salsa (2015)

LANG English
TIME 2015


Cold Nights Hot Salsa takes you inside the international Latin dance world of Victor and Katia, aspiring young salsa dancers from Montreal, Canada who seek to win a World Salsa Championship. During their three-year quest they draw upon the talents of Eddie Torres, Tito & Tamara, Billy Fajardo, and Katie Marlow. Central figures in the world of salsa, these mentors bring their passion and professional dance skills to reveal what it takes to perform and compete at the highest level. Victor and Katia's story is a love story. It's the story of their love to dance and of how being a couple enhances and also complicates their dance ambitions. After winning the Canadian Salsa Championship, we watch as they first compete in the 3rd World Salsa Championship. They return home to Montreal to work on taking their dance skills to a higher level. After months of preparation, including working with their mentors, they put their dreams on the line and travel to Florida to compete in the 4th World ...


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