Lyrics from a Bleeding Heart (2016)

LANG English
TIME 2016


Lyrics from a Bleeding Heart is about the lives of a group of people in their early twenties, with a focus on the double leads, Jimmy an outgoing college football star and Ryan an introverted burn scarred lyricist. The story follows these individuals as they question their own identities; struggle to find social acceptance and self love; and encounter family and social turmoil. Jimmy, fearing that alleged conduct violations may make him ineligible for continuing his college football dreams, searches for other ways to make it into the limelight. Although the extent of his musical ability consists only of rudimentary guitar work, he decides to start a band. He persuades his best friend Gene (Eugene), a college geek but skilled drummer, to help him. Jimmy and Eugene recruit Ryan, whose slight facial burn scars stemming from a childhood accident make him socially awkward, to be their lyricist and singer. Unfortunately, as both Jimmy and Ryan battle with their own destructive ways of ...


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