Darling (2015)

LANG Tamil
TIME 2015


GV Prakash, a depressed youngster decides to commit suicide as his lover cheated him and he is soon joined by his friend Bala Saravanan, a beautiful girl Nikki Galrani and highly enjoyable Karunas who all are having their individual reasons to commit suicide. But before their death, they decide to fulfill their last wish and decide to stay together in the same guest house where the couple got killed. Later it is revealed that Nikki Galrani is in love with GV Prakash and she along with Bala Saravanan are trying to change his suicide plan. GV gives up his suicide plans but when he tries to make love with Nikki Galrani, ghost possess her. Now this ghost pops up whenever they try to make love and the rest of the film is who the ghost is and how it moves out of Nikki's body.

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