Apna Bana Ke Dekho (2001)

LANG Telugu Hindi
TIME 2001


Jankiraman alias Johny is a hoodlum, known to the local police, has been arrested several times, and lives a poor lifestyle in a city in South India along with his widowed mom. His mother and father had a love marriage, but he died a violent death. She kept her Mangalsutra around his photo frame. Once she talked to a parrot astrologer, who predicted great things in Janikiraman's life, as he will soon be associating with rich people, as well as getting married to a very wealthy girl. These predictions come true when Jankiraman introduces her to Sandhya Anand, a pretty young woman, who even comes to visit and eat at their humble dwelling. She and Jankiraman will, however, soon find out that she regards Jankiraman just as a friend and will soon ask him to pick a groom for her from an envelope containing photographs. A broken-hearted Jankiraman is unable to convey his true feelings, and picks the photo of Dhinesh Nallathambi, the only son of a Politician. Sandhya instantly approves of ...


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