Razortooth (2009)

LANG English


Two prisoners escape through the swamp land in Everglades and the search party is attacked by a giant mutant eel and is considered missing. The Animal Control agent Delmar Coates is searching a missing dog with his ex-wife Sheriff Ruth Gainey-Coates and he discovers the remains of the animal. Meanwhile members of a canoe club organize an expedition through the swamp. When Sheriff Ruth organizes a manhunt to capture the criminals, Delmar informs that his former friend, Dr. Soren Abramson, who is chasing the eel with a group of college students, is the responsible for mutant species. Sheriff Ruth organizes two teams to hunt the prisoners and the eel.

Full Moive
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    Razortooth (2007) Hindi Dubbed HDRip


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    Razortooth (2007) Hindi Dubbed HDRip


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    Razortooth - [BRRip] - Hindi Dubbed


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    Razortooth (2007) Hindi Dubbed HDRip



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