International Khiladi (1999)

LANG Hindi
TIME 1999


The leading gangsters of the world have chosen a new boss, Devraj, who is fronting a big company. Reporter Payal and Johnny are trying to get an interview with Devraj, but that fails, but soon Payal and Devraj fall in love. Payal's brother, who has saved Devraj from assassination by Glushan's henchmen is a police informer, working for his friend Inspector Amit, who's also in love with Payal. Amit tells Payal, that Devraj is a gangster, but she doesn't care. Ravi gets killed, and Amit, with the help of beaten up Payal is able to convict Devraj of the murder, who is sentenced to death. But a wounded gangster tells a different story, and Devraj is set free. Outraged about Payal's betrayal he seeks revenge, but her story gives the whole affair a completely different touch, but the puzzle still doesn't fit completely, and soon Payal and Devraj are in bigger trouble than before when they find out who really killed her brother...

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    International Khiladi (1999)


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    International Khiladi (1999) DVDRip


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    International Khiladi (1999) DVDRip


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    International Khiladi: The Iron Man (2007)


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    International Khiladi (1999) [ DVD ]



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