Mission Mummy (2016)

LANG Gujarati
TIME 2016


This film celebrates everything that is Gujarati, motherly and nutrition. The story is about Aparna, a happy mother of three kids. She has left her job to become a fulltime mother. Now that the kids are grownup, she is wondering to resume her career. Over these years, she has devoted her time and career for her children. But as the kids are growing up, they find their mother 'old fashioned' and start to visualize a new image of their mother. They demand their mother to be a modern and trendy lady. When Aparna wants to resume her career, the kids gradually intensify their demand to make mummy a modern woman. Their definition of modern is simple: everything that wears "western" and not "Gujarati". Aparna tries to pacify them but peer pressure makes the kids more resolute in their demand for a modern mummy. They call it "mission mummy". The mission is then implemented and everything changes in that family, forever. The film beautifully touches on the important issue that in "happy families" of Gujarati community, there is a "set trend" of growing gap between mother and kids. It is not just a schism between the generations, it is a gap between the culture within the house and the culture outside. The strength of this film is that it presents a serious issue in a light hearted and vibrant manner. The story will surely move and touch every Gujarati heart!


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