Fever (2016)

LANG Hindi
TIME 2016


Mind is the ultimate intrigue - and that is what Armin Salem realizes when he wakes up one morning in a beautiful Swiss town. He wakes up from an accident that has wiped his mind clean of any memory. His legs want to reach a safe haven but his mind isn't willing to let him know the address.His blood soaked face, tattered clothes and his subconscious mind indicates a crime riddled past a past that leaves flashes of horrific images pinging into his mind. Unfortunately for him, the answer lies in the mind itself. A mind which has shut off his body and thrown away the key.Thankfully for him all his luck hasn't deserted him as yet. He meets the mysterious Kaavya Chaudhary who almost falls in love with him and goes out of her way to help him. He has barely come to terms with her when he gets stalked by a beautiful, Rhea Wagner - a woman who Armin thinks is dead for a long time!With each passing day the two women, unknown to each other's presence, guide Armin's mind to the depth of the abyss. It is almost as if they are scared of his memory and what it will reveal.As the train of memory emerges from the tunnel of Armin's mind, he is able to assess the fact that these two women are playing a deadly game of hide and seek with him. Unfortunately for him, the end of the game could be his own!In a narrative akin to the complexity of a psychological thriller; with traces of the neo-noir style, this is a story which delves into the recesses of reasoning. The quintessential mystery which packs in breathtaking locales, character-ridden houses, beautiful women adventure, desire, intrigue, drama and love!


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